Records Conversion

Records Conversion

Keep your existing drug testing records when you move to TestChecks

Do you have an old Drug Testing program you want to stop using?

Do you use another program and want to try out TestChecks?

In some cases you can convert your own data over to TestChecks using our conversion tool.

In other cases TestChecks converts existing Drug Testing software files to our own. Some of the file types we can convert are .XLS, Microsoft Access, .CSV, and many more. As long as your records are digital, TestChecks can usually convert into our system.

File Review

Before we convert over any records to TestChecks we review the files to be sure they will convert correctly. Our expert staff can ensure the files validity.


We process a few test records to ensure the data is correct and matches your current records. This ensure the converted data is 100% correct.

Populate Live

Once we have fully tested the files and only when you confirm the data is correct do we populate the records live on your version of TestChecks.


TestChecks is now offering conversion of your current DrugPak account to TestChecks when you sign up. We can convert from DrugPak Web and Drug Pak desktop (old version.)

We will convert up to 5 years of records.  In most cases this is a simple process and the cost is a one-time $500. Allow for 2 weeks for the conversion.

We also offer importing tools should you want to import your data your self at no cost.

All that is required to convert DrugPaK records to TestChecks is the export file function currently found in your DrugPak account. Testchecks takes care of the rest and we test all records once imported to be sure all your information is kept intact, secure and correct.

Contact us to discuss your conversion