Background Checks

Background Checks

Accurate and Legal reports on the background status of individuals

TestChecks provides accurate and legal background checks on any individual you need to lookup. Our quickapp makes it fast to request various types of background check information and relay that back to you in a professional report.
With TestChecks’ Background Checks, any of your current client’s applicants or new applicants will be integrated right into TestChecks. That way you can access everything from one portal. No need to login to multiple systems.

Identity and Credit

Social Security Number, address history and a credit report with FICO score reports.

Criminal Records

We can check if a candidate is convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor. We can also provide a National Sex Offender search.

OFAC/Terrorist Watchlist

Look up the FBI and OFAC’s list of wanted criminals and terrorists in the United States.

Court Records

We can search Federal Court Records and provide detail reports.


Look up Department of Transportation Background Employment Verification and get instant Driving Records.


Our I-Med Level 3 searches more than 1,700 federal and state sanctioned sources along with licensing and board disciplinary actions data for all 50 states.

Drug testing results management
Search Packages

When you access TestChecks’ Background checks and set up your candidates you then have a choice of pre-defined background check packages to make searching for specific criteria quick and simple.

Get Started with our Integrated Background Checks

TestChecks has partnered with Intellishield to perform the background check processing. Intellishield provides the consumer report as the CRA.

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