Software Customization

We can custom code TestChecks to function exactly as you need it to.

The TestChecks software is built with customization in mind. We realize everyone’s requirements for drug testing are different so the TestChecks team developed a software platform where we can make changes, customize new features, and virtually tailor the software to individual needs.
Since TestChecks is 100% cloud based with no special software or hardware required to use it, our team can implement specific changes that one client may need (that others may not) and update their customized version of TestChecks ‒ often within minutes.  And since TestChecks is backed up nightly and a full development version is always on hand, you can rest assure any changes we make to your version of TestChecks can be rolled back quickly should something not work as you need it to.
Some of the customization we have completed for our clients: 

Customization Review

Before the start of any customization TestChecks reviews what the software already has then compares that to the customization work required. This ensures you do not pay for the same programming. TestChecks then provide a detailed plan outlining the new work and time frame.


After the customization is approved TestChecks programs a demo version of the custom software within the agreed timeline. A demo URL is provided to you to review the completed customization.


After final approval for the completed customization TestChecks schedules a go live date and ensure everything is set, secure and ready. As part of any customization, TestChecks provides full support and training to be sure your staff are well versed with the custom software.

Contact the TestChecks development team to see how we can custom code a version of TestChecks tailored to you.