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A Complete Drug Testing Software Program Developed by a Real Drug Testing Company

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Modern Functionality & Proven Security

TestChecks provides all the tools to manage client tests, reports, consortium, random programs, and government audit requirements.

Highly Customizable

TestChecks allows control of key features and data unique to your clients and employees so you have an experience tailored to how you run your business. Need a special feature? We can custom build one for you.

Fully Secure

Using best practices and industry SSL standards, TestChecks utilizes the highest security available to be sure your clients' information is safe and only accessible by you and your team. All our data is stored encrypted to protect you and your clients.

Government Requirements

TestChecks was created using a vetted process so all tests and reports meet government requirements. Certificates and audit reports are included to meet any of your clients specific audits.

Powerful Features

TestChecks has a host of features to help manage all aspects of your drug testing needs. Whether it's managing companies and employees, results recording, random selection for DOT and non-DOT lists, creation of personalized drug tests, labs, MROs, Customizable drug panels lists, or something more customized, we've got you covered.

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Easy to Access

Spend less time worrying about computers and software and more time focusing on your clients. TestChecks works on any internet-enabled device or computer. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Instant Client Communication

TestChecks' instant notifications and built-in communication tools allow you to be in constant contact with clients

2 Month Free Trial with Any Plan

TestChecks has 3 plans to serve any size business. If you require specific customization, TestChecks can build a plan to suit you.

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TestChecks Pro Max


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TestChecks Pro Custom


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* We can customize TestChecks by adding new features or changing the functions of TestChecks to work the way you would like it to.

Customization is quoted on per item requested and we will work with you to be sure the customization is exactly as you want it.

If we customize your TestChecks the plan changes to TestChecks Custom which includes all the features of Premium plus your specific customization.


TestChecks can support over one million employees records. If you have more then 20,000 employees we can build a custom solution to suit your company size.  Contact us directly

TestChecks Was Developed by a Real Drug Testing Company.

You can be sure TestChecks has all the features to help you save time and be successful.